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The September 2015 editorial of a medical journal The Lancet Oncology was titled “Cancer Risk in the Transgender Community.” Its writers describe how unique health requirements, lack of appropriate research, and systemic discrimination in health care (both in cancer screening, and in medical care settings as a whole), contribute to a lack of access, information, and supports for many trans people who may be at risk (sometimes perhaps an increased risk) for a variety of cancers.

In a wake-up call for all who are concerned about equity in health care, the editorial concludes “Cancer care for transgender people is a growing concern and health-care services that are both respectful of this population’s differences, and also relevant to and inclusive of them are needed. Moreover, research into how cancer affects the transgender community, as well as how to prevent, screen, and treat cancer in this population, will improve cancer control. Better integration of the needs of people with non-traditional genders and sexualities in health care will help combat enduring health inequalities.”

Read the editorial here.

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