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Nausea is the sensation of having to vomit or the urge to vomit. Check out Hillgreen’s practitioner Jude Yahfoufi’s suggested remedies for nausea below!


Nausea can be a symptom of various conditions, ranging from viral and bacterial infections to motion sickness, food poisoning, pregnancy, and can also be a side effect of certain medications such as chemotherapy.

Self-Help Remedies for Nausea

Here are some Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recommendations that can be done to reduce nausea naturally:

a. Acupressure point PC6

Pressure point PC-6, also called Neiguan (nay-gwann), is found on your inner arm near your wrist. It’s 3 finger-widths up from the wrist crease and between the two tendons. Applying acupressure to this point can help with nausea and prevent vomiting. Massage the point for 3 minutes on each side, or until the nausea is alleviated.

Click here for another video on using this acupressure point. We also have a whole webinar on self-care using acupressure here.

b. Ginger tea

Drinking ginger tea is well known for nausea. It’s especially good if you have any “Cold” in the abdomen from a Chinese medicine point of view. Ginger can warm the Middle Jiao, restoring balance to the gastrointestinal system and alleviating upset.

c. Dried Tangerine peel

Tangerine peel is aromatic, warm, and pungent in taste, with a warming action. It aids digestion, dries up mucus, and reduces nausea.

For more self-care tips focused on the digestive side effects of cancer treatment, see our webinar recording here.

Natural and Professional Help for Nausea

If the above remedies for nausea still don’t help, you should know that acupuncture is well-known for being able to help with nausea. It’s one of the most research-proven uses for acupuncture in cancer support.

Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting can benefit from regular acupuncture treatments 1-3 times per week throughout your course of chemotherapy. Many cancer hospitals in the USA, Europe, and Asia have acupuncturists on staff specifically for this reason (and other causes such as cancer pain, hot flashes, etc.).

Custom herbal remedies can also help with nausea and would be stronger than herbal tea. For some examples of herbal formulas to relieve chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, check out Pauline’s article on Chinese herbs for cancer.

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