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Initial consultation (15 min) – FREE

The free consultation gives you time to ask questions about our services, whether or not it might be a good fit for your health conditions / goals, and any concerns you may have. (We can’t do the actual personalized assessment/ diagnosis and treatment in the free consultation, as there isn’t enough time. That is done in your Initial Intake).

To request your free consultation, click here.  To book it directly in our online calendar, click here.  These consultation are typically done by phone or secure online video, for your convenience.



The fees below are in Canadian dollars (CAD) and there is no additional tax. Payment is accepted by cash, debit or credit card.


Initial Intake Session for New Patients


Option 1:  $147 (90 min). This initial intake session includes a health history and assessment, and (time permitting) an initial acupuncture treatment. 

Option 2:  $130  (55 min)

This session is done virtually by phone or video chat. It’s better for (a) those with cancer or other complex conditions who want to have a longer dedicated intake conversation, (b) anyone who lives far away from one of our clinics, or (c) anyone who wants to minimize their COVID risk.


Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Follow Up Sessions

May include (depending on need): acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, guasha (scraping), moxibustion, tuina massage, herbal prescriptions, simple dietary, exercise or lifestyle recommendations. 

Midtown Toronto and Vaughan locations: $108
Warkworth, Northumberland County location: $98

Typically 1 hour in length. If longer, pricing follows the “Phone/Online” price chart below.

Phone/Online Follow Up Sessions 

May include (depending on need): nutrition, herbal prescriptions, exercise and lifestyle recommendations, self-acupressure protocols, mindfulness coaching, and instructions for home self-care. NOTE: If you’re not sure what length to book for, 30-45 minutes is typical for your first follow-up

  • 15 Min: $50
  • 30 Mins: $75
  • 45 Mins: $95
  • 60 Mins: $108
  • 75 Mins: $130
  • 90 Mins: $147
  • 120 Min: $195


Is this covered by my insurance plan?

If you have “Acupuncture” coverage, most likely we are covered by your plan. However, you are responsible for double checking this with your insurance company. Please confirm with your own insurance company prior to treatment that services by a “Registered Acupuncturist” under the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO) would be covered.



How long should I book for?

Follow up acupuncture visits are typically 60 minutes. Some people book for longer sessions so that they can relax more on the table, or have time for more thorough treatment on both the front and back of the body.

Follow-up phone/online sessions vary widely depending on your particular situation.  Your practitioner will discuss what is best for you at your first visit.

More details on your what to expect on the first visit, and follow-up visits can be found here.


What if I’m late or have to cancel?

Because the appointment time has been reserved for you, and others were not able to book at that time, we ask for at least 1 business day (24 hours prior) notice (by email, phone or via online booking) to cancel or change your appointment, or the full fee will be charged. If you are late, we can proceed with whatever time is left; however, the appointment will end at the scheduled time.



What are your fees for workshops, talks or group sessions?

We provide workshops on natural cancer prevention and care, mindfulness meditation, stress, anxiety and mood management, self-care, Traditional Chinese Medicine, burnout, nutrition, acupuncture, and many other topics. We have brought in to offer acupuncture or mindfulness coaching to groups (e.g. workplace groups, special events, etc.).

Pauline offers skills as an experienced group facilitator, a broad background in community/ social/ environmental issues and anti-oppression, a passion for organizing and community development, and health/ wellness information from a Chinese medicine viewpoint. She has also worked with small groups (e.g. 1-4 people) in mindfulness meditation coaching. Please contact us to discuss details.


Financial accessibility policy

We live in the reality of an increasing gap between ‘rich’ and ‘poor’. We work with everyone from executives, investors, doctors and lawyers to people on Ontario Works, ODSP, or Old Age Security, and have a Financial Assistance Application for those who cannot afford the full rates due to unemployment, disability, etc. We have a limited number of financial assistance spots available, as we must also ensure the clinic and practitioners can also pay our bills. Please speak to us to see if there are any financial assistance spots available at this time.

From time to time, we also offer acupuncture for free or by-donation, at special events and fundraisers. Join our monthly mailing list to keep informed about these events.